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First Medical Source (FMS) is committed to leverage its management capability and the supply network, developed over the past 16 years to deliver excellence in Contract Manufacturing and Infusion Therapy.

Since its birth in January 2008, FMS has been serving the infusion needs of its customers in the US and across the world with FDA compliant, high quality, low cost elastomeric infusion pumps and catheter kits.


Key to our success and to our unbeatable reputation of quality, and on time delivery is our pioneering work in quality and our experience in risk based approach to management. We establish procedures that facilitate access to information, simplify work, and provide guidance to suppliers, engineers and product/program managers to rapidly move projects from concept to delivery within the regulatory constraints.



Mark is an entrepreneur, whose experience includes both a theoretical and a hands on approach to management. His background in mathematics and physics provide him with models for management of people and business processes.

Before starting FMS, Mark managed the quality, regulatory, and supply chain of another successful Orange County based Medical Device Company he co-founded in 1998. At the time of its acquisition in 2006, this company enjoyed an outstanding reputation of quality and on time delivery. Its net profits before tax were 50% of sales.

A respected leader, Mark is a pioneer and an expert in Feedback Based Management:

As successful entrepreneurial organizations grow, the front line loses the interactions it used to enjoy with the leadership. As a result, the the feeling of contribution is diminished, and performance deteriorates.

Through a concerted effort, a Feedback Management Approach, reestablishes these links through a network of contacts and audits to restore and maintain self-motivated performance through the ranks.


Mark received his Ph.D. in Applied Probability & Statistics from the University of Sciences in Paris, France. Complementing Mark's Doctorate are his two Master Degrees in Engineering Mathematics, and Stochastic Control (Optimization under Uncertainty).

Mark's contribution to the field of management includes numerous publications and speaking engagements. Mark’s area of research is in the application of statistics to management.

Mark is fluent in French, German, and Farsi.

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